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We provide a wide range of accounting and business services for small to medium business owners, including property developer.

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Our firm is a small chartered accountant firm with three office locations, Hamilton, Auckland, and South Island.


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Accounting and Taxation

We have more than 10 years of experience in accounting, business and taxation processes.

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We can provide accurate accounting across all major accounting fields and get it done at your request.

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We offer great service at highly competitive rates.

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Determining Tax Residency

If you’re living or planning to move to New Zealand, it’s important to understand whether or not you are considered a tax resident. Being a tax resident in New Zealand means that you are subject to New Zealand tax on all income earned, both locally and abroad. However, if you are not a tax resident any income sourced in New Zealand will be subject to the relevant New Zealand tax.

What is Approved Issuer Levy

In an effort to streamline taxation processes and ensure a fair tax regime, New Zealand introduced the Approved Issuer Levy (AIL) system. The AIL is a tax measure designed specifically for non-resident investors who receive interest income from investments in New Zealand. This was introduced by New Zealand Government in Budget 1991, the AIL seeks to simplify tax obligations for non-resident investors while promoting transparency and compliance within the financial sector.

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